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•The most visited websites in Bolivia 2017

These are the most visited websites in Bolivia 2017. Direct link to the website
Bolivia is located in western-central South America. It is bordered to the north and east by Brazil, to the southeast by Paraguay, to the south by Argentina, to the southwest by Chile, and to the northwest by Peru. It has no ocean access. One-third of the country is the Andean mountain range. Wikipedia

The largest city and principal economic and financial center is Santa Cruz de la Sierra, located on the Llanos Orientales (Tropical lowlands) a mostly flat region in the East of Bolivia. Bolivia and its smaller neighbor Paraguay are the only landlocked countries in the Americas. With 1,098,581 km2 of area, Bolivia is the 27th largest country but it remains a relatively weak in economic and military terms. Total area  1.098.581 4 km². Borders7 252 km. Population 10.027.254 hab. (2012 Wikipedia