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• Best videogame websites for Sega Dreamcast console

SEGA was successful in the arcade market and also in the consoles market, but after the appearance of Dreamcast, Sega was left out of the consoles, now it only devotes itself to the programming of videogames and some peripherals for other brands after announce in 2016 that they focused primarily on the creation of games for Smartphones and PCs. Sega in video games, is very respected
Throughout 2017, millions of games for Smartphones have been downloaded, including Sonic Mania, which is why it focuses more on games than on consoles. His last console was the Sega Dreamcast with a Power VR2 graphic chip that could be connected to the Internet, but had to leave before the strong invasion in the Play Station market. They have made other versions of their consoles and also minigames in the style of Nintendo Game & Watch and Sega Pico, a variant between a console and an educational toy. 
Official site. Games and console information, screenshots.
Sega Genesis related! Hundreds
News, ROMs, old releases, forum,
Official site, pso servers, quake 3 servers
Hardware, software,
Game database, screenshots, and downloads.
FAQs, codes, reviews and game data
Game screen shots, hardware information and images,
The GHZ, Sonic the Hedgehog freaks
Homebrew development for SEGA Saturn and VMU
Attempt to create a Saturn Emulator. Still in the formative stages,
A database of Sega Genesis codes, and screenshots
Reviews, articles, and information
Porting Quake, Quake II, Hexen II to the console
Fan page screenshots, articles,
Hardware specifications and history
Information on the Sega Game 1000, history, emulation, and versions
Place to find browser add-ons scripts (run from the VMU) for the Dreamcast Browsers
Cheats, reviews, trailers, screenshots
FAQs, swap trick guide, and arcade joystick hacking.
Illustrated tutorial about Sega Dreamcast video game console works
Featuring screen shots, news, music,
Game Genie -codes for Genesis and Saturn.
Codes for various games
Reviews of Dreamcast games posted by individuals.
Database of documentation for video games
Historical archive of Sega Genesis games with screen shots
Directory of games and screen shots
List of games with screen shots
Codes and cheats for a selection of Dreamcast games.
Personal site for trading games
Screen shots of the games.
VMU Script is a new language for the VMU
Downloads and guides.
Tools, saved games, mini-games, discussions, downloads for the Dreamcast
News, feature articles, boards and downloads.
Hardware and software of Game Gear, trading, images
Game screen-shots, hardware, promotional material
Mega Drive Championships, retro 16-bit
Planet Ring online software.
Saturn discussion, artwork, video clips and winamp skins.
Contains the VMU Space Invaders game free source code
Offers reviews for the games.
Offers game list and specifications.
SegaCD console its games, and related information.
Offers some cheats.