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• Most visited websites to download video games

These are the pages of websites most visited by users to download their favorite games from the Internet. In these sites you will also find tools and tutorials for game developers. Most of them offer free downloads, although some are not. Collections of original free games for Windows like 'Well of Souls',' Warpath 'and' Arcadia ',' Operation Spacehog 'in 2D and' Happyland Adventures, with descriptions and screenshots, for Windows, Linux and Macintohs.
All the websites have a brief description of what they offer you and a direct link.

Free indie downloadable and browser
Gamespy Network's download site. Windows games.
Over a dozen originals for Windows
Multiplayer online gaming service for PC and Mac
A variety works for Windows in several categories.
Several freeware games in over fifty categories
Games along with descriptions and screenshots
Offers over 100 free online and downloadable games
DOS downloads of the 2D-shooter 'Operation Spacehog'
Download free independent games
Finding and monitoring tool.
A collection of free games for Windows, Mac, Linux
Windows, Linux Amiga titles 'Project: Starfighter',
Originals for Windows 'Well of Souls',
Games 'Rocks'n'Diamonds', 'MirrorMagic',
Allows play of IPX games over TCP-IP.
"Yuhkaz", "Madventures of the Love Rockets", "Titan Omega"
Linux games and development, Desktop Environment.
Features game downloads,
A dozen Windows games
Full duplex voice application,
Bubbles, Chess in Russian
'Cave Chaos', 'Alien Decimation',                     
Download of programs for the Macintosh.
Original Windows games 'Blue Bird', 'Hungry Yogi', and 'Hunt for Stars'
Originals Windows 'Paratrooper II', 'Tank2', and 'Space Invaders X'
'BlastPong', 'Extreme Nibbles', 'Matrix',
Classic DOS games 'Jetpack', 'Squarez Deluxe'
Select what can be played using
Original Windows games 'Cult', and 'Nuclear Deterrence'.
'BobType', 'BobCave' for Windows.
Several Windows games
Author of 'Pinball', and 'Fish Shop' made with Delphi for Windows.
Directory of Windows and DOS games
Categorized with screenshots,
Entertainment for Windows
Including 'Golf', 'Fishing', and 'Runner'
'Snakey', 'Raklem', 'Yambo', and 'Starship War', for Windows
Developers for Windows and Linux
Developer of games for Windows, and Java
Well known downloads for Windows.
'Game of Life' called 'Alive', for Windows.
Creators of The Terror , and Metal QB for Windows.
3D games and screen savers including 'Pong Mania'
Search, or choose by screenshot.
Screenshots of a few dozen categorized Windows games.