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•The best video game websites for WINDOWS 2018

This is a selection of the best sites and webs pages you can find on the web to see your chosen video games on your Windows PC and what Internet users who love video games have visited the most. In these websites you have tutorials and various tools to download software and hardware for your computer and get more useful and performance when watching and playing with your videos. In the pages that we show you will find: Free downloads, Movies, Trailers, Cheats, Codes, Search tools and monitoring of free servers for Windows, Multimedia platforms, designs for games and more ... All websites have a brief explanation of what they offer and direct link.

Web counterpart to print magazine demos and updates
Manufacturer of graphics processor technologies
News reviews and interviews.
Solutions, game spoilers, walkthroughs,
Features free download, movies/trailers, patches.
archive downloadable freeware and shareware games.
Free game servers finding and monitoring tools
Information and free downloads.
Arcade game demos, news and screensavers.
Free downloads online games.
Free downloadable files for Quake, Quake 2, Half-Life, Sin,
Free game downloads online games.
Free downloads of action,
PC games for children Teddy Adventures Sokoban, 3D. 3D and UFO
Contains cheats, tricks, and tips for games.
Information, forums, clans, servers and links.
Covering genres several
News, downloads and information.
Tutorials for Sissy Fight, Cybertown, Earth: 2025, Petz,  and Neopets.
Cheats, codes, and game reviews.
Personal perspective number of games
Downloadable and online PC games
Collection of freeware and shareware downloads for free and sale.
Maps and trainers for Blood, Shadow Warrior,and Duke Nukem 3D. (Requires Flash)
Free versions of arcade, puzzle, action, board
Downloads and sales sorted by genre with descriptions,
A safe surf rated gaming site with something for the whole family.
Buy Games Now, Download and Play them.
A feature cheats for various games.
Hints and codes for select collection of games.
Free and shareware game downloads.
Fan fictions based on Diablo: StarCraft and Hellfire
As well as newer titles: freeware, and older PC games,
Cheats as well as tips and tricks
A downloadable program cheats for games.