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•The best website video games for console PS4 2018 [Sony]

These are the most visited websites by users of the Sony PS4 and PS4 Pro console on the Internet when looking for information about video games. This eighth generation video game console is the successor of the PlayStation 3 and has as competitors the Xbox One from Microsoft and the Nintendo Switch from Nintendo. The PlayStation 4 comes with an AMD 8-core processor that are designed to facilitate video game enhancement. The new important hardware feature of the PS4 is that it includes 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, and a faster Blu-ray Disc drive. The console pleases a greater number of developers. Custom chips facilitate audio and video processing jobs. With the addition of the button "Share" in the new controller makes it possible to share screenshots, trophies or videos on Facebook, Twitter and stream what is being played and to see the other players live from Ustream or Twitch. The current Firmware of the console is 5.01, where the performance of the system is improved.
Logo PS4 de SonySony
Official site
Official site US
PS4, PS3, Vita news, forums reviews, videos,
Cheats and codes.
Features, and releases News, reviews, previews,
FAQs, cheats, hints, walkthroughs, game information.
FAQs, cheats, information, hints, walkthroughs, game
Offers downloadable themes
Comprehensive coverage for consoles and handhelds
Provides free software for game saves in various formats.
Cheats and codes.
The UK's official distributor of PlayStation hardware, peripherals, software
PS2 news, game MP3s, reviews, previews, game guides
Tips, codes, chat, passwords, game endings and downloads.
Guides, walkthroughs, cheats and forums
Memory card manager, game save converter
News, cheats, screenshots, guides, walkthroughs, and forums.
User contributed database of games.
Provides latest psp, hardware, plugins, and game news
UK-based site offering reviews, previews, news and cheats.
Downloadable wallpapers.
XTREME PSP, for all your Sony PSP needs.
Free Flash games specially designed for the Sony PSP.
User contributed database of games.
Tips cheats and forums.
Development site for the official Sony streaming Internet radio plug-in
Directory of guides, how-tos, and troubleshooting,
Previews, release dates, news, images, and information.
News, cheats, previews, trailers, and screenshots.
Official website from Sony Computer Entertainment America
Official Australian Sony site.
Article digging deep into the console's CPU. By Jon "Hannibal" Stokes.
Detailed system-level comparison of two 3D platforms By Jon "Hannibal" Stokes
Hardware PSP
Hardware Sony PSP
Reviews, previews, features, cheats, newsletter, and chat.